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My Favourite Whole Food Amazon Finds

These are my absolute favourite whole food Amazon finds that I use to make my yummy $ nutritious recipes.

Whole Food Favourite Amazon Finds

Earth’s Own unsweetened almond milk

This versatile almond milk is a wonderful base for homemade smoothies, or as a creamy addition to your morning coffee.

Bob’s Red Mill nutritional yeast

This savory flaked nutritional yeast can add a cheesy flavour to your sauces and stews if you want to skip the actual cheese.

Bob’s Red Mill organic quinoa

Quinoa makes a great base for a hearty and healthy lunch or breakfast bowl, and this whole food Amazon find quinoa is delicious and quick to cook.

One Degree Organic Foods sprouted wheat flour

Swap all purpose white flour for this organic sprouted wheat flour to add some extra nutrition to your baking.

One Degree Organic Foods sprouted rolled oats

Our family loves the taste of these sprouted rolled oats cooked as a breakfast cereal, or they’re a great addition to baking.

Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts

A sprinkling of hemp hearts is an easy way to add a little protein to your meal, and I love these hemp hearts on my yogurt or salads.

Whisps cheese crisps

If you want the crunch of a cracker but want to keep the ingredients simple, these cheese crisps are a satisfying snack.

PB&Me powdered peanut butter

This powdered peanut butter tastes delicious in my peanut butter energy bites, or add some water to it and use it as a dip for apple slices. It’s definitely one of my most used whole food Amazon finds!

FATSO peanut butter

I also love FATSO butters for their more complex taste. I add a tablespoon of this to my morning yogurt at least a few times a week!

365 Everyday Value organic garbanzo beans / chickpeas

Chickpeas are a staple for a whole food diet, and you can eat them raw, roasted, or smashed into hummus. Here’s how I roast my chickpeas for salads and bowls.

O-Live & Co. extra virgin olive oil

I love the taste of olive oil, and it’s a wonderful way to add healthy fats to your diet. This one has a fabulous flavour!

Bragg Live Food organic apple cider vinegar

For making homemade dressings and drinks, this apple cider vinegar has the perfect sour flavour.

Yo Mama’s Marinara Pasta Sauce

If you don’t have time to make it from scratch, this pasta sauce contains all natural ingredients with no added sugars or preservatives.

I hope you enjoyed my list of whole food Amazon finds. Do you have any favourites not listed here? Let me know in the comments!

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